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Athabasca University

Athabasca University Robotic Telescope (AURT)

Athabasca University Robotic Telescope is a remotely controlled small aperture (0.4 m) telescope suitable for teaching and research.  Located behind the Athabasca University main campus, AURT is capable of imaging the northern sky in exquisite detail, despite its location on the edge of the town of Athabasca.  AURT provides valuable first-hand experience for AU students taking astronomy courses, allowing them to explore the universe with their computer, by means of AURT’s powerful control and imaging software.  In addition to instruction, AURT will take on a research role, participating in the search for near earth asteroids with high inclination orbits when the project moves beyond its current experimental stage.

Technical Specifications

Telescope type: Newtonian reflector with custom built equatorial mount.

Aperture: 37 cm (14 inches).

Focal Length: 200 cm (f/5).

Imager: Starlight Xpress SXV-M25 CCD imager with Bayer matrix (for color astrophotography).

Software: ACP, MAXIM-DL.

Updated September 06 2013 by AU Geophysical Observatory

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